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The material on this website was assembled mainly from the sources described below.


The inspiration for this website came from the historical deeds released to the Leiser family by their solicitor.  This was the result of Land Registration, which came into force in 1985, and eliminated the need for historical conveyancing documents.

Have you considered asking your solicitor if they have these documents available?   They contain loads of interesting history about your house and the people who have lived in it.

1881 UK Census

Censuses are conducted in the UK every 10 years.  The 1881 census is notable because it has been indexed and packaged on CD by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) for family history research purposes.

The census shows, for every household, the names, ages, occupations, and places of birth of everyone living there.

The 1881 census thus tells us all of the houses in Mansewood, and all of the residents.  Click here to see all of the data on Mansewood.

Valuation Rolls

For rating purposes, councils need to assess all of the houses in their area, and record the names of the owner and occupier.  The Valuation Rolls are reviewed regularly, and the Mitchell Library in Glasgow holds these for public access.  Mansewood became part of the city of Glasgow in 1926, before which time it was under the auspices of Renfrewshire County Council.

The Valuation Roll for Renfrewshire in 1914 provided the data on the houses, house names, owners and residents at that time.

Villages of Glasgow

Historical information on the area came from Villages of Glasgow, volume 2, by Aileen Smart, John Donald Publishers, Ltd., 1996, kindly loaned by Alan McCormack. 


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