Related Projects

All over Eastern Europe, people are working hard to make others aware of the Jewish history of the area. This had led to several projects, some of which you can read about below:

  • FODZhead_logoThis organisation is engaged in a number of projects across Poland
  • Seduva (Lithuania) cemetery restoration and memorial  Seduva remembers and honors its Jewish past. The cemetery has been renovated and documenting with over 400 tombstones.  Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said at the unveiling ceremony, “Šeduva should be proud of the long history of its Jewish community that dates back to the fifteenth century. Jews lived here, created, traded, the Jewish community of Šeduva has always put great emphasis on culture and active social life.”
  • Jewish Gravestone rescued from the Warta River The Jewish cemetery in Mstów was devastated during World War II. German mayor, Klubsch, ordered the streets to be paved with matzevot. Some tombstones were sunk in the river. About 100 fragments were found and recovered from the bottom of the river where they had been lying for 70 years.
  • Rohatyn Jewish Heritage projects are under way in Rohatyn to recover Jewish headstones and reintegrate Jewish history and memory into contemporary western Ukrainian culture.
  • Izbica Jewish Cemetery Project A successful project to restore the Jewish cemetery in Izbica, Eastern Poland.
  • Racibórz in Silesia was the subject of a radio programme, where the presenter visited the cemetery where his ancestors were born.
  • There are many other projects, complete and under way. Please contact us with details of others you know about.