Gryfice Today

Gryfice square

Now known by its Polish name, Gryfice is a town in Pomerania, north-western Poland with 16,632 inhabitants (2008). It is the capital of Gryfice County in West Pomeranian Voivodeship.
This is where my great-grandfather Salomon Leiser and his family lived, above their shop in the main square. I visited the town in September 2015.

The old town square which my father remembered from his visits to Greifenberg in the 1920s is still there. The side of the square where Salomon Leiser’s family home and shop stood was demolished after the war, and a council building now stands there. In the flower beds, you can still see broken pieces of the red brick of the old buildings. These broken pieces of brick came from the area where the shop stood.

IMG_2612_wee           IMG_2624_wee
There was a synagogue serving the Jewish community in Greifenberg. It survived the war but was demolished in the 1980s. The end wall of the synagogue is now the tower in this picture. It is part of the local fire station, and the tower is where they hang the fire hoses to drain.


The former Gymnasium, where my grandfather, Georg Leiser, was educated has been modernised, but is still recognisable from the picture taken in 1927. It is still a school, now the Liceum Ogolnoksztalcacego im. Boleslawa Chrobrego.

Greifenberg Gymnasium 1927Liceum im. Bolesława Chrobrego w Gryficach now

Although there are many modern buildings, much of the old town can still be seen. The old town gates are still there, and the old Pulverturm (tower) still stands beside the River Riga. A more modern bridge on the Riga bears a statue of the griffin which is the symbol of the town.

IMG_2628_wee IMG_2631_wee

The area around the river, with the old Marienkirche in the background, is little changed from the time my father visited the town, and even from the old postcards of the the scene.